Improve Your Life in 2015

God has designed the Christian life so that we may live victoriously regardless of what is taking place around us. As the daily routines and pressures of life crowd us, we can find biblical principles that will help us to be more effective servants for the Lord.

  1. Read your Bible
  2. Forgive others
  3. Laugh more
  4. Eat properly
  5. Get up early with purpose
  6. Establish a prayer list
  7. Develop new friendships
  8. Be thankful to God and express gratitude
  9. Listen to Christ-honoring music
  10. Exercise
  11. Begin to learn to play a musical instrument
  12. Learn a foreign language
  13. Witness to the unsaved beginning with those nearest you
  14. Smile
  15. Give out gospel tracts
  16. Make notes in your Bible
  17. Give up a bad habit
  18. Spend more time with your family
  19. Do not buy on credit
  20. Spend time in prayer
  21. Read good books
  22. Serve in your church
  23. Write thank-you notes and notes of encouragement
  24. Be on time
  25. Set Christ-honoring goals
  26. Become more familiar with missionaries and mission fields around the world
  27. Be friendlier
  28. Be courteous to all people
  29. Be thoughtful
  30. Finish what you start
  31. Have a daily devotional life
  32. Develop a routine
  33. Be a good listener
  34. Witness to your neighbors with your life and literature
  35. Be honest in all areas of your life
  36. Watch less television
  37. Die to self
  38. Attend church faithfully
  39. Support the Lord’s work in your church with your tithes and offerings
  40. Close each day with peace and calm