C.H. Spurgeon Finds a Faithful Friend

C.H. SPURGEON FINDS A FAITHFUL FRIEND I have made a study of the life of Charles Haddon Spurgeon for more than forty years. He was a man who was very ill. He died when he was fifty-seven years old. From age forty-three till the day he died, he never had one well day. He had smallpox as a young man. He had a nervous breakdown. He had days of such depression that he could hardly live. He would offer his resignation to the great church in London, and they would refuse to accept it, continuing to hold him up in prayer. Many times, in seasons of great illness, the elders of the church would come to assist him as he made his way to the little desk where he preached in the great tabernacle. He would brace himself on his desk and preach with the power of God upon his life. Spurgeon went to preach at a special appointment one day, having prepared a message that was to be stenographically recorded and edited for print. He found out after he delivered the message that the person who was to record it was not there. You can imagine his disappointment. He thought that his words were lost. Someone said, “Joseph William Harrald is here.” Mr. Spurgeon said, “I do not know the man.” He said, “Mr. Harrald follows you to nearly every meeting where you preach, and he writes down every word you say. He was here today. Let’s ask him if he recorded your message.” When he introduced Mr. Spurgeon to Mr. Harrald, he had written down every word of Spurgeon’s sermon so all was not lost. They became fast friends, and he became Spurgeon’s personal secretary. He spent many hours each day in Spurgeon’s home assisting the great preacher. Mr. Harrald traveled with Mr. Spurgeon on Spurgeon’s last trip to Mentone, France. When Spurgeon died in Mentone, France, on January 31, 1892, a telegram was sent to Mr. Harrald from the deacons of the Metropolitan Tabernacle stating, “Among the most faithful of the faithful friends of our beloved pastor, you are the most faithful of faithful friends.” Much of what we know of Charles Haddon Spurgeon is because of his faithful friend, Mr. Harrald.